Our Team

Message from the CEO

“We are extremely proud to welcome you to TULIPIANS PRIMARY SCHOOL – TPS. The aims and objectives of all of us who are connected with TULIPIANS PRIMARY SCHOOL – TPS are focused on to provide a well-rounded education for all of our children, in a caring, vibrant environment. We wish to bring an enlightment  to our community by offering TPS providing an education with a difference. We want to be acknowledged as a school, which provides quality education with modern techniques, innovative learning yet keeping the foundation strong..As the year progresses we expect to develop a range of programs and activities that will extend our reach to attain the mutual goals of academic excellence and wholesome personality of all children who will be the future citizens.Our good wishes to the TULIPIANS PRIMARY SCHOOL – TPS  team, teachers and students.”
 Mr. Deepak  Kumar  Verma – CEO





Management and Staff

Management body is headed by the CEO Mr.Deepak Kumar Verma .Mr.Deepak Kumar Verma is a  Chartered Accountant  by profession and is very much inclined towards the education sector.

The chairman and Founder director of TULIPIANS PRIMARY SCHOOL is Mr.Nirmal Verma. A qualified MBA ,Mr.Verma is an Educationist with a difference .He has been into this industry for more than thirteen years and has a deep passion to bring a revolutionary change in the pre primary and primary education scenario.He believes that no child is incapable of learning and it is the right kind of the motivation and a dedicated teacher who can bring about the interest towards learning and change in any individual.

Mrs.Roopee Verma is the TULIPIANS Director/Principal certified an ECE by the INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI SOCIETY & INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI TEACHERS TRAINING PROGRAMME . In addition to her Montessori teacher certification,   she holds a bachelor’s degree  and is also a trained special educator teacher dealing with special kids.

The Tulipians directors/teachers meet regularly with each child and his or her parents to create, assess and expand an individual work plan that helps guide the child in his or her endeavors.

STAFF- All teachers at TULIPIANS PRIMARY SCHOOL are very well qualified and are trained montessorians and are trained primary teachers.They are a team of very determined,dedicated ,motivated and passionate people who leave no stone unturned to make learning a joyful and happy experience for any student coming to TPS.